Magnolia House Therapy

Hello! I’m Jacquelyn Clarke

Senior Counsellor and founder of Magnolia House Therapy

My philosophy is that limitations and restrictions prevent you from living your life to the full and achieving your goals. My aim is to help remove these barriers.

Magnolia House Therapy is an established counselling service located in Bexley, South-East London, offering support to adults and young people, schools/colleges and businesses.

About my work…


My aim is to help you feel better about yourself, cope with traumatic events and difficult emotions, and take positive steps towards your life goals.

I do this by using specialist counselling and complementary therapy skills that I have acquired and practised during the past 25 years, working with clients aged from 6 to 93.

All treatments are provided in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.


I provide counselling to employers, employees and self-employed people.

I also run tailor-made courses and workshops suitable for many purposes.

Besides this, I supervise learning mentors, other counsellors and student counsellors.


I have a proven record and really can help you get where you want to be in life.

I believe each client should feel safe, secure and comfortable at every session, working at a pace set by you.

I’m an accredited, registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I adhere to its guidelines, and insist and fully check that all our counsellors and therapists do the same – to ensure your confidentiality, so you can seek help with confidence and in comfort.

How Magnolia House Therapy Can Help:


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We work with clients presenting a variety of issues:

  • day-to-day stress, at home or work
  • depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • bereavement and trauma
  • loneliness
  • relationship difficulties
  • physical and mental abuse
  • self-harm
  • anger and destructive behaviour
  • addiction

Jacquelyn likes to bring a feeling of positivity and relief to her clients during each session.

By combining different counselling techniques, she can help you understand and re-evaluate your current situation, make changes and move forwards in your life.


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Jacquelyn assists young people with personal issues and barriers to learning, helping them achieve qualifications or take further training and grasp independence.

The Youth Engagement Services Team in Bexley and BUPA Wellness Employee Assistance Services have worked with Jacquelyn for more than a decade.

Jacquelyn has also worked with young people within Skills for Growth, helping young adults to attain qualifications offering counselling, coaching, coping strategies and workshops for: self-esteem and building confidence; drug and alcohol awareness, and sexual health awareness.

Jacquelyn has taught and facilitates with the Counselling and Personal Development Department at Orpington College for students up to and including Diploma level. She also supervises and assists many students at other educational institutions.


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Jacquelyn created an implemented an ongoing scheme for in-house counselling on behalf of the civilian department of the Metropolitan Police Service, teaching counselling skills and personal development.

These skills were used to train individuals to become a confidante for support staff within the police force who had grievances and other issues.

Debbie Towersey - HR Director

We have been using Magnolia House Therapy for a number of years as our staff health and wellbeing confidential counselling service with Jacqueline Clarke being our specialist counsellor. The support and expertise is excellent and we have had really good feedback from staff who have been referred with good results of supporting both within and outside work.

Jacqueline has a good understanding of our services and the challenges that staff face day to day and has also made herself available outside of normal hours when there has been an urgent issue that needs addressing. I would whole heartedly recommend Magnolia House Therapy and the services of Jacqueline Clarke.


Since I was age 4 I can remember a indescribable fear of flying. Now 24 it got to the point it wasn’t healthy to put myself through it so I needed answers, help & a solution! I was highly recommended to Jacquelyn & visited for just four sessions before my holiday in August.

Jacquelyn was extremely welcoming, professional, friendly & explained very clearly what the process was & so reassuring throughout. I came away from my first session with a huge weight off my shoulders, a smile and a positive attitude towards what previously had seemed an impossible challenge. By the end of the fourth session the last thing I said to Jacquelyn was… “I can’t wait to get on the plane and fly.” I had a feeling that I’d never felt before towards flying and it is all thanks to Jacquelyn.

Mentally & physically I was so positive & for the first time I enjoyed flying. This huge achievement, support & positive outlook is all thanks to Jacquelyn. I cannot thank Jacquelyn enough & highly recommend her services.

Ashley McCaul - CEO

Jackie has been working with our Charity for many years offering a highly flexible and professional counselling service. Her gentle and supportive manner has made her a huge asset to an organisation working with young people with complex lives.

Jackie has made a huge contribution to our efforts to retain young people on courses and in employment who would otherwise have struggled to maintain engagement in these positive opportunities. I cannot recommend Jackie highly enough .

Matthew Brown - Head Teacher

Blackfen school have used Magnolia House counselling services for many years.  Many of our students have benefited from the excellent services offered.  Jackie and her team work hard with the school, students and parents to ensure that their expertise is used to the full extent to support the young people in the school.  There is a personal and on-hand feel to all the work that Jackie and her team provide for the school.  A fabulous service to complement our work in school.  Thank you, Blackfen School, Sidcup DA15 9NU (Tel: 020 8303 1887).

Ms W

Jacquie Clarke has been a significant factor in the success I now enjoy as a strong, independent, career woman. Initially seeking help from Jacquie as a newly separated, single, working mother who had suffered years of emotional domestic abuse, Jacquie guided me through the chasm of acrimonious divorce and work-related stress and taught me to embrace positivity, confidence and self-worth. The methods Jacquie uses, you take with you into various aspects of your life: home, friends and work.

Before you know it, you have a balanced and successful child, a beautiful home, a wonderful social life and a career with all the potential you could wish for. Jacquie sees the potential in you and with her subtle and intelligent coaching methods brings your inner glow to the surface for all to see .



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CONFIDENTIAL NOTICE: Magnolia House Therapy runs in line with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists (BACP) and adheres to the BACP code of practice. This ensures client confidentiality.